aleo solar announces expansion with cell production in Germany

aleo solar GmbH is set to establish its own cell production facility in Germany. From 2016 approximately 200 MW of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar cells are planned for manufacture at aleo’s factory in Prenzlau (Brandenburg, Germany). The cell production operation will be carried out by aleo Sunrise GmbH which has been established as a 100 percent subsidiary of aleo solar GmbH, with almost 100 new jobs being created.

The aleo parent company, SAS (Sino American Silicon Products Inc.) with its headquarters in Hsinchu, Taiwan, is an experienced producer of wafers and high performance solar cells. Founded in 1981, the company plans to increase production capacity in Taiwan as well as in Germany. The set-up of the cell production facility by aleo sunrise GmbH has been supported by an SAS investment of around 15 million euros. "We benefit from SAS Group’s longstanding commitment to renewable energy," says William Chen, CEO of aleo sunrise GmbH, who also remains responsible for sales, marketing and purchasing as CSO at aleo solar.

"aleo solar will benefit from greater flexibility through the cell production in Germany and will be well positioned across the photovoltaic value chain", says Günter Schulze, CEO of aleo solar GmbH. "With both cells and modules made in Germany we protect ourselves against anti-dumping duties and cost increases through exchange rate fluctuations. By integrating an additional production step at our headquarters in Germany, our engineers can also better fuse together the cell and module technologies," says Schulze. "As a result aleo can even better ensure the quality and efficiency of our production in Germany."

About aleo solar
aleo solar GmbH produces high-performance modules in Prenzlau (Brandenburg, Germany) and is a system provider for the international photovoltaic market. With around 330 employees and manufacturing experience since 2001, the company has an excellent know-how in module production. Since 2014 aleo solar belongs to the wafer and solar cell manufacturer SAS (Sino American Silicon Products Inc.) headquartered in Taiwan Hsinchu. Thus, aleo solar is part of a powerful solar manufacturer, which maps the entire photovoltaic value chain, from development and production of high-performance ingots, wafers and cells to the delivery of the solar module.

About SAS
Established in 1981, SAS (Sino-American Silicon Products Inc.) engages in the development, production and sale of semiconductor ingots and wafers, solar ingots and wafers and sapphire wafers. The company is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. By merging Sunrise Global Solar Energy (Yilan) in 2014, SAS implements the vertical integration of solar business. Sunrise, as one of the world’s leading solar cell manufacturers, mainly provided P type high efficiency solar cells. This company had acquired aleo solar’s module production in Prenzlau, Germany, and the brand aleo